Gonca Eti

I am a graduate of ACI (American Collegiate Institute) and METU (Middle East Technical University). I have started folk dances since my first years of ACI, then continued in the university. I have participated in many local and international festivals as a player, organizer and choreographer since then. After graduation I returned back to my beloved city İzmir. I worked at different responsibilities throughout the supply chain, such as purchasing, material planning, warehouse management. I had the chance to do my hobby as my job, which is travelling. I visited many countries, met with different cultures. My interest is to know the people, therefore it was an amazing experience for me. In my 40s, I met with coaching. Once I passed through that door, it was never the same again. I had my coaching education from Erickson Coaching International in 2015. After that I have many other trainings such as NLP, educator’s education, the spirit of mind etc. I had participated to the World Game in 2019. I believe in lifelong learning. With this mission I try to make a difference in people’s lives through coaching and teaching and in return learning from them. My dream is to be a road friend to them in their life journey in order to live a life with awareness.