Kültür, yaşam ve geçmişten beslenir. culture feeds on life and the past... Kültürel miras, zenginlikleri içerisinde barındırır cultural heritage make it unique... embodies values that Kültürü geleceğe aktarabildiğimiz kadar var olabiliriz we can exist to the future... as much as we can transfer culture Çocuklara yapılan her yatırım kelebek etkisiyle topluma yayılır. Every investment in children butterfly effect... spreads to the society with

Yaren Cooperative

With the activities it carries out;
tries to reveal the value of traditional culture,
realize its cultural transfer and develop the culture.

Yaren Cooperative

a friend who blends the future with tradition


We will endeavor to approach the team and all stakeholders with love.


In line with our duties, we will make sustainable projects with efficient time management.


We will work together to transfer our knowledge and experience to the society in projects that fit our values.

peaceful environment

We will communicate with each other and with our partners using open language of communication and listening to each other, within the framework of mutual respect.

being honest

We will be consistent in our projects and discourses, we will definitely question what we say before we do.


özgür topaç

arzu uzer

gonca eti

mehmet kuzu

büşra canoğlu

fatma nesrin ergin

ergin başar

özge şenyurt

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