Yaren Cooperative

Yaren Cooperative, which was founded by 8 METU graduate yarens (friends) who have been involved in folklore studies for years, dreams that every investment made in our children will spread to families and from there to the society with butterfly effect.

By transferring folklore knowledge to our children, conveying the tradition to the future with the right messages and making a difference in education and development in society with our experience and social network.

“We trust our culture and the harmony created by our cultural differences”

Therefore, we choose to convey the unity and solidarity to our children in traditional ways, by embodying folk music and folk dances.

Based on our own values, we aim to raise children who are respectful to themselves and their environment, who are honest, responsible, who use compassionate communication language and who can approach themselves and their environment with love.

Cultural Heritage

To coexist for generations, to progress together, to cope with difficulties and to live the enthusiasm together create a common language, a common culture and an inheritance in time. This heritage contains the greatest values that make the regions unique. Believing in the power of these values is the key to social development.


The concept of folklore appears as a branch of science that deals with the cultural elements of the people living in a particular region in material and spiritual fields, compiles, classifies, analyzes and interprets them with their own methods.

Folk Science, which was originally composed of the English words, Folk(folk) and Lore(science), has been carried out with individual studies until the first years of the republic period in our country. In the 1930s, with the efforts of conservatories and associations, it gained a more institutional and educational dimension, but as a result of the studies carried out by focusing on cultural transfer in the ongoing period, studies for children remained very limited.